Computed Tomography (CT)

CT (computed tomography) is a non-invasive, painless medical test that helps physicians in diagnosing and treating medial conditions.  CT imaging employs special x-ray equipment and computers to create detailed images of a selected part of your body or head that will be interpreted by a radiologist.  Acquired CT data can also be manipulated with software to construct 3D images of specific body parts.

CT examinations are useful in the diagnosis and evaluation of many medical problems including cancer, cardiovascular disorders, infectious disease, trauma, and musculoskeletal disorders.  CT can also be used to guide needle biopsies and therapeutic musculoskeletal / spine injections.  Litton & Giddings Radiological Associates, PC (LGRA) has remained at the leading edge of CT technology, including utilization of 64 slice CT scanners.  At LGRA, we employ the latest imaging techniques to produce quality images and aid referring physicians in planning the medical and surgical treatment of their patients.

At LGRA, your CT examination will be tailored by a radiologist to obtain high quality images while utilizing the lowest possible radiation dose.  CT scans may be performed with or without contrast. “Contrast” refers to a substance ingested by mouth or injected into an intravenous (IV) line that improves visualization of the particular organ or tissue under study. Contrasted examinations may require special preparation.



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